Terrain deforming on a slope absorbs the resource farmed and and issue with the attachment of deformer tool mods

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When tunneling down inside the planet I make sloped downward openings. (obviously) Though when I get to a resource and start extracting it (in front of you or above you), the resource goes directly into the sloped smoothed out ground and disappears. This happens if the back end of the terrain deform tool is facing the slope and is actually inside of it. This might sound petty but it still is an issue. Of course I could turn around and face the other direction but that's not the point. I attached a pic with color coded identifiers to make the point crystal clear. The red line is the slope of the decline. The yellow circle is where the deform tool is inside the ground. Now if there was resources they would be disappearing and not coming out onto the top of the surface.


As for the deformer tool mods. When I load into a game one or more do not register as being attached. The green light is not lit on it. This can be rectified by removing and replacing, sometimes several attempts to have it work. Also swapping them around. I mentioned this because I assume that they can be in any order on the tool and work and they should all be on all the time when attached.Even when loading into the game.(second image). These issues are small but to me they are important enough to mention, I guess I'm OCD when it comes to things not working as intended.



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