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The game won't update my saves...again.

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OK, had the same issue at  Decided to start a clean game after dropped.  All went well until Vesania.  I did the planets in a different order this time hoping for the best.  This time, just as with last time Vesania killed me.  I opened node 2, then 5, then 1.  After opening 1 the system will claim to save my game.  The Xbox will even do it's game stutter like it is saving a file.  It even updates my save file name when I change it.  But alas, it is all a lie.  It will not update the file any longer.   I also still have the random crashing with using any save game option late game.  It seems to hate the rover seat more than most, but any option will do.

On a side note, LOVE the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just hope the fixes come at reasonable intervals.

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