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In various times, I have had the new (1.0.13) Steam version halt before loading the splash screen, during the splash screen, after loading the System Era logo, and on the main screen. The only thing I can do is to pull up Task Manager and end the process. It usually works after 2-4 attempts, but almost always freezes at least once during that process.

In addition, on tonight's main screen freeze, I noticed that my Task Manager memory usage for Astroneer crept up into the 14,000,000K range before I shut it down. I suspect a small memory leak...

DxDiag pulled, below.

20190319 - DxDiag.txt

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Just had another total freeze while trying to load the main menu. Had to hard-reboot.

Also another freeze when starting the game. Splash came up and froze at exactly 216,604K memory, with 00% CPU usage.

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Unreal Engines need visual c++ libs ,then my game runs nice at all

Microsoft visual c++ 2008 ,2010,2013,2017 installed as 32 and 64 bit

and no i am not a dev but i used C++ thingys for Databases

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1 minute ago, RenalRubNow said:

I think Steam installs them automatically, though, don't they?

give it a try to testinstall all named versions maybe it will help ,i have nearly 60frames and no crashes

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