1.0.13 - Steam Win10 64bit - Heavy HD access during movement

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The game seems to be thrashing my harddrive when moving around in the world.

The game stutters a lot on my HGST 8TB Harddrive even with all graphical settings to low. It becomes less noticeable when I move the game files to my Samsung 960 Evo SSD.

v1.0.13 Steam

Windows 10 64bit
Intel i7-5930k
Geforce 980ti EVGA
16GB Ram
Samsung 960 Evo SSD 512GB (Boot, System Drive)


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Similar error.

Either COMODO or Astroneer eat up disk resources (one or the other, at various times), and it slows down to a crawl.
I also have an apparent memory leak - I'll look and see if I can post in an alternate post.

v1.0.13 Steam

Win10 64-bit
DxDiag attached

20190319 - DxDiag.txt

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