Underground tunneling drill

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1. Can you add an underground drill attachment for large rover.  So we can make tunnels underground that will fit the large rover and any items on it. I made a quick mock up of what it could look like. Of course it would have to be see through or holographic like when in the drivers seat, so we can see where we are going.

2. Any resources would just drop on the ground as we drill through them and need to be picked up by player. Or if you feel so inclined to make an auto pickup. This would be based on the players availability to store said resources. Maybe have the drill bit contain all the resources and make a device to unload them back at base. Of course there would be limit on the amount of storage of said resources. You could add a snagging animation when hitting tougher resources like iron. The drill would slow down to go through it. To give it a more real feel.

3. The soil could be collected directly into canister(s) or a special larger canister that could be attached to a large storage piece on the back of a rover. Also have a special connector on the soil condenser to feed it into to disperse the different types i.e. resin, clay etc.


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