Suggestions for new resources and their uses

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Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the game is it's items. Although Astroneer has quite a few different types of items, I came up with some ideas on more resources, and what they would be like... So, here is list:

  1. Uranium/Thorium: Both of these metals are known for them being a common source of radioactivity. Perhaps these can be converted to an efficient source of energy with a large generator (basically any other generator, but takes up 4 slots & uses these). If they were in the game, I'd say that the ores for these elements should probably be found deep within Artox.
    • Plutonium: My suggestion is that Uranium can be turned into Plutonium in a chem lab, or possibly a new machine. Similar to Uranium/Thorium, Plutonium would work in a generator. An extra large generator, akin to a solar array, could be the generator that Plutonium would use.
  2. Gold/Silver/Silicon: All of these elements, among others, are very important for the creation of electronics. In Astroneer, if these resources become things, they should have technological properties.
    • Gold: In real life, gold is very rare, so it should be found sparely throughout the system. It should appear similar to compound, but shinier, Also, like compound, it shouldn't need to be smelted in order to get the pure material.
    • Silver: Silver should be more common than gold, but still rare.
    • Silicon: Silicon should be rather common, or extracted from soil...
  3. Beryllium: Beryllium is an element which has many practical uses in spacecraft, albeit being harmful to humans. Beryllium ore (Beryl) should appear as crystals underground, and it would need to be smelted. Like in real life, Beryllium should be used when making spacecraft.

And that's all that I have so far. I might add onto this.

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