is there a place i can contact where my bugs will actually be noticed?

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I have been trying to contact system era for a month now and all I got was things from "advanced members" saying I should have this and this and I obviously don't! that is the whole point of me trying to contact you guys. I will send this every day if I don't get any response from someone trying to help.

not trying to be a ****, but you guys are being one.

Astroneer Play Time.PNG

What Happened.PNG

No Retro Suit.PNG

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i believe they sometimes check the forums, but tbh they really dont or at least it dosent seem like they do. at the very least they are never active on here. i would assume your best option is to try to contact or report your issue in their discord. i know its ruff, i agree with you, i think they should have someone who actually is dedicated to the forums who actually speaks for the dev team.  what they do lack in communication they do make up for in wanting to fix the game.  i dont think they understand fully the damage they are causing by ignoring the forums.  Only thing i can say is most likely they are aware of your issue and are trying to fix it.

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34 minutes ago, Trenton said:

Thank you! I did not know they had a discord server though... if only they made it more open that they did. thanks again!

There's a link on the forum footer and in the main menu on the website as well as a sticky post on General on the forum... 

Discord is not the place for bug reports, that's what this forum is for. Joe, Chloe and Veronica often check the forums. They don't post much but they note issues. If they responded to everybody individually across all the media, they wouldn't have much time to fix the game!

For the top screenshot, we're not in early access any more so I'm not sure what you're asking. For the second, have you completed the relevant cores and do you have an active internet connection? 

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