Was not given "Retro Suit" when playing after having it while bases were immovable

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Guys. Every time I ask about this someone just disregards it and says something along the lines of "if you bought the game before release you should have it" and that does not fix my problem! Can someone please help? I've been waiting for a real response since release! Please help! I talked about this in the 1.0.4 releases and everyone disregarded it. I know it is not important, but if this keeps going later on in the year, I will be completely ignored when I just seem like someone who is begging for a suit! PLEASE













do not say I should have it I swear to god

Astroneer Play Time.PNG

What Happened.PNG

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Here is some proof so you have less of a reason to gloss over it again...




Where is retro, i had it before.PNG

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