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TOMMYJG86 - WIN10 (Store) - Saving stops after a few instances - UPDATE!

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This is an update to my previous post about this (

I have done a fresh install of 1.0.9, updated straight to 1.0.13. Unfortunately the saving a few times then not behaviour is still occurring. Today's rough log:

Game time Just over an hour - Crashed after save

Re-loaded - Game time 25 minutes - Failed to save after 3/4 success (by checking an update of the time stamp on the in game menu)

Restart whilst still in Astroneer - Game time 10 minutes - Failed to save after 2 success

Restart game completely - Game time 15 minutes -  Failed to save after 2 success

This is all happening in a large rover/single seat, doesn't matter the configuration. Annoyingly it is giving me the icon at the bottom to say it has saved.

I am finding the update has helped performance, much smoother and running 10-20 FPS quicker because of it (For my average MSI laptop anyway). Just a shame I can't play for too long :(

And at least I finally made it off Vesania!!!!!! (Every cloud and all that :))


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Yeah, I reported this about a month ago but haven't seen it mentioned by Systemera yet. I've stopped playing because of it, I do test after each patch but as you've already noticed it hasn't been resolved. Luckily the game still retains the feature where it closes itself automatically, so there is hardly any progress to fail to save.

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