non-host players experience terrain regrowth, etc.

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Ok, I tried searching, but my search-fu wasn't strong enough...



I had dug down through several levels of cave systems and wanted to show my friend a certain stalagmite that had five research nodes (the small ones) on it so he wouldn't destroy stalagmites like those since the nodes respawn over time.

The bug is that he couldn't come down all of the way after me. The client had not synced all of the digging that I had completed. When he tried to dig through, the dirt kept regenerating continuously.

Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug? Create a new seed, have a player join the seed, continue playing until the bug occurs... it seems to be mostly random. I have personally experienced it on my end when I am not a host, but there didn't seem to be a catalyst. It may be caused by a spike in latency??? Don't know. Either way, information is not correctly syncing between clients to ensure that all changes made be each player are seen on both sides.

You should see my head coming out of the ground in the screenshot. It was taken by the non-host player to show me.


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Had the same thing happen to me and my friends a couple weeks ago as well as earlier today. We'd hoped that some of the bug fixes in the last couple patches would have fixed this, but apparently not. We tried switching hosts, as well as re-installing Astroneer (Two of us still had ASTRONEERearlyaccess as our Steam install file structure), but the bug persisted.

The odd thing is, it only seems to affect the generated surface layers. digging out a hole into a solid formation, the cavity underneath tends to remain more or less untouched.



My Friend's POV:


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Yeah, this is hurting co-op gameplay a lot, and seems to affect all multiplayer games (whatever the platforms).

Other bug reports:

Unfortunately, until this bug is fixed, we decided to put the game on hold, and play something else... Really sad. :(


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