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Summary: 1.0.9 - Steam - Solar System/Time Stuck

Description: This issue only impacts one of my save files; the rest still function properly. The planets are no longer moving in their orbits in the solar system; they are all simply stuck in place. As a result, time appears to stand still on each planet. The sun does not move in the sky (if visible), or if on the dark side of a planet, it is permanently night. Planets and stars in the sky appear to be stuck in place. If I walk or drive, the sun, stars, and other visible planets/moons will begin to move slightly, but they never return to functioning properly and will quickly just freeze in place again once I stop moving. I have dozens of hours on this save file versus only a few minutes up to a couple of hours on the other save files. The save file in question is attached, and I can upload video of the issue if requested.

Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store

Version / Build Number: 


OS: Windows 10 Pro | v. 1809 | Build 17763.253
CPU: Intel i7 8700K 3.7GHz
GPU: RTX 2080 8GB
RAM: Corsair 8x4 DDR4 2400MHz
Drive: Samsung 970 PRO 512GB (NVMe)


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