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Hi, just looking for a bit of support with getting better framerates while in game. Currently averaging around 30-40fps which is fine for solo but when a friend wants to join frames on my end drop significantly to highs of 10 or 12. Had a few system lock-ups. Tried some of the YouTube tutorials on changing settings in files but didn't help, tried changing graphics adapter options in my NVidia control panel, no help. Is it possible to run a dedicated Peer-to-Peer server from another machine (without opening ports) in the mean time, or without buying the game on an alt and running it from another PC. 

Rig: image.png.ab87b13b7b733591e58089de035da708.png

- AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz (4-Core, 4-Threads)

- GTX 1070Ti 8GB

- 16GB DDR3 1066MHz

- Astroneer running from a SATA HDD.

- 2560x1440 Resolution.


Many Thanks to anyone who see's this!


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ouff what a bottleneck you are doing to your system, fx processor and gtx 1070ti are not meant to be together , but your framerate issue is due to the game being very poorly optimize and nothing else ;)

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