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Splitting Hairs

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Does anyone use the splitter? 
I've got 50+ components connected electrically and not once did I ever think about needing a splitter. I have zero power issues. I'm not sure why the splitter is in the game to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I don't want it removed. I want more and more things to build. However, I've got no use for the splitter. 

I've been playing the same game since release on 2/5/19, 100+ hours, and I just have not come across a single instance of where I was queued to install a splitter. When I had a power issue that I needed solving. When I thought...... ya know what, what I need, a splitter!

I suppose it is like an extension cord?

Please SES, make me need to use this piece of equipment somehow. Or, change its function. Give the splitter some love please. It want it to do something, anything. 

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