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Messed up space shuttle

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I have started the game 9 times now and gotten up to the shuttle stage after it is built it goes wonkie if it tips in the wind it falls into the groung and is unrecoverable.or it reloaded once covered in rock from underneith it and then floated around and ruined that game.Also when shooting dirt down to try and tip the shuttle upright it just buries the shuttle .When putting dirt down with the gun if the dirt gets to close to the artronaut it buries him and you fall through the map and die .please fix it so the 2 space ships dont move on the launch pad it keeps wrecking the game.bit depressing on the eighth time cant get of the planet.The one time i did in a game get of the planet when i returned the rover and all my storage boxes had disappeared but i found them at the bottom of the map underground when i fell thru the ground in a glitch after,had too restart from bigining

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