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DRONES Some idea to the game astroneer 2

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Hi. I have a new idea for the game.
If we could make a drone in the game will be awesome. 
1 idea. 
The drone's mission is to collect and move resources. 
If we have a medium storage and some resources made from the furnace, or something else. the drone can collect the resource and place it on the medium storage. 

2 idea. 
when we are out and dig after resources the drone can fly out and collect the resources we drop from farming too much. 

The drone needs to have a battery and it gets power from tethers.

3 Limits. 
I think there needs to be a limit on drones max 2 or 4 drones on a single planet. 

4 Feeling about the idea. 

The feeling about this idea is the time I don't need to use, on run around the game and just collect the same resources up. 
Let's us say I have 35 resin I want to the base into the medium storage. we can have 8 + on the backpack. I need to run 4 time. 
I think this idea will help the games pretty much.  


Hope it will be a thing. 
Thanks for listening. 

Jesper Moberg. 

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You can carry an additional 8 in a medium storage. You can also build vehicles that would progressively increase how much you can a carry which you're likely to have long before you meet the material costs of drones.

And bearing in mind that the game uses a semi-realistic setting for the mechanical aspects of the game (vehicles, machinery, etc) I very much doubt we'll see a electrically operated flying drone which for sake of argument wouldn't work on Desolo (no atmosphere) at the very least. If/when we get automation I could see trains or vehicles following pre-built roadways and dropping/collecting resources at specific points.

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