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I'd pay $5 or $7 for the following DLC

Lemme push a button to dislodge everything from my pack-pack and terrain tool in an Astroneer second!

Like all of you I fill and empty my backpack hundreds of times upon hundreds of times. The constant clicking one item at a time is just needles time consumption. To me. Maybe not to you, which is why if it was a DLC you would not have to purchase it if you did not want to. I understand clicking items one at a time to load the backpack. You may only want certain items or not all etc. However to just empty the backpack? Please give me one button to push and I'll gladly give you my $


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I had the suggestion of a medium storage that could pull items from the players backpack.

There would be the need for a setting that only pulls resources and full soil canisters...


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