Problem with Achievement "To Infinity"

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First of all I really like this Game. Thank you for creating it. 

I have a little problem with the Achievement "to Infinity".

Yesterday a friend of mine and me decided it is about time to activate the last core Gateway (Vesania).

So we head down to the core of Vesania, but we got stuck. I exited from the Rover seat i was in but then got bugged up throug the ground to the Sky and died by falling.

I stayed at the Shuttle and my friend managed to get to the core an activate it. As he activated the core he had a Gamecrash.

Now i have all cores activated on my savegame, but didn´t receive the Achievement and i have no possibility of getting it because the core is alr3eady activated.

Is there anithing i can do? It is one of the two last achievents for me to reach. 


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Well if you're playing Steam, and you need the steam achievement, you can start a new save and do it there, but otherwise, I think you're outta luck.

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