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Autonomous Cargo Shuttle

1.       New resource – gold and or silver. This new resource used in conjunction with graphene to create items with circuitry. i.e. flight control computer and or autopilot modules.

2.       Autopilot – This module is for the large shuttle. This would be a tier one module and would go in the oxygenator compartment on the large shuttle.  This would allow the shuttle to fly autonomously.

3.       Launch Platform – Is an upgraded landing platform, like the platform in the tutorial. The launch platform would have tier one and two sockets to allow for more functionality i.e. flight control computer

4.       Flight control computer - This would be a tier one or two item added or place on the launch platform.  This computer would communicate to the large shuttle guiding the autopilot to its destination. In addition, it would be able to communicate to the shuttle in orbit around the planet that the flight control computer resides on without the aid for a communication satellite.

5.       Communication Satellite – this satellite is used for long range communication to a large shuttle with an autopilot. The satellite would be to guide the shuttle from one upgraded landing platform to another. The satellite would be placed into orbit with the large shuttle.

The idea behind this suggestion is to be able to send the large shuttle full of cargo to a base on another planet and have it return after its cargo has been unloaded onto storage which is on the launch platform. In addition, this setup could be used to collect gasses from another planet and return when the shuttles cargo is full. To get to this point would take a large investment in time and resources. This would obviously would be a late game activity. And yes this would require some automation. Tell me what you think.



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I left out an item in regards to the flight control computer. You would use the flight control computer to tell the shuttle which planet to go to. I would suggest there only be one launch platform per planet.

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