Issue with reconnect controller message on XBOX

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When playing on Xbox, from time to time, the screen becomes blurred and the "Reconnect Controller" message is displayed. 

Two issues:

1)The game is not paused, so if you are off tether or in a storm, you die.

2)If a different controller is connected, the message persists. 

To Reproduce:

The most consistent way is to start playing using a controller connected to the Xbox, start game streaming to a pc using the Xbox app and a controller connected to the pc then pop the batteries on the controller on the Xbox. 

The message will appear, you can move your Astroneer using the pc's controller, but the screen is blurred with the message.. 


You may ask how I know this... Apparently my wife doesn't find my son and I playing Astroneer (me in the living room, him in his bedroom) as entertaining as the new episode of this is us, hence relegating me to streaming to my surface.. (Keep it real, I like This is US,, but it's better if you're playing Astroneer too) 

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