Better camera and drill control while driving

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While drilling with a rover it is difficult to both see where you are going and control the drill angle. I would like a...

First person camera option while in a Rover. I know the whole inventory system of the game was designed for 3rd person and it works brilliantly. However, that system is not available while driving and a better camera perspective is needed. While in first person, the camera's vertical movement could control the pitch of the drill, and a side to side camera movement could control the roll. This change would allow use to control both pitch and camber while also being able to see.

Alternatively, I would like to be able to control the drill pitch and roll with arrow keys instead of the camera.

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The height set of the drill direction could be set via keys / or mouse. For example CTRL + mouse wheel. To reset the mode for camera direction, just hit 2 times CTRL

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