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Digging to center of planet (first one). Using wide mod and drill attachment lvl 1 with canister on third slot.

Using xbox 360 wireless controller. Just before attaining the delve greedily and deep award (to give you an idea of depth). Astroneer stuck in a forward digging action and any attempt to alter coarse or stop made no difference. Hastily disconnected controller by removing batteries and grabbed mouse and keyboard and only opening backpack seemed to stop the astroneer however could not do anything at this point. Closing the backpack made the "sound" but the backpack was still in large open mode. Could not move astroneer in any direction other than turn his head with mouse. Astroneer died of suffocation. After respawning at base tried to exit game however i could not scroll down in the menu? As if a up keystroke was stuck. Controller battery-less at this point and not touching the keyboard.

xbox360 wireless adaptor for windows

windows 10

Cpu: i5 9600k

gpu: gtx1060 6gb sc

ram: 2x8gb 3200mhz crosshair vengeance

storage: samsung 860evo ssd 250gb

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