The Touch of Grey Gamer and Abram Jablonski I would have to agree that the current marking system can use a major revamp, it seems that I can lose the beacons easily on one planet, but I move to another planet and it's almost as if it just appeared out of nowhere on the planet I just left. that seems kind of backwards. The beacons should be: Visible on only the planet you are on (except from space in your shuttle) Easy to find (even through mountains and clouds) be able to be toggled on and off remotely  visually appealing customize-able  unique (to the game and player) fitting into the time period be able to be seen even underground (either the player or beacon is underground)  accessed easily and early on in the game I was thinking of having a 3-D hologram that is portable but doesn't take up space on your backpack, I was thinking of it being kind of based off of the Destiny ghost in how it can be accessed by even beginners and it would "appear out of nowhere" when the correct button was pressed of course. It would be a giant sphere that would be in front of you that you can manipulate and spin around that would show you your location and the location of your beacons with little icons projecting from the sphere. When you lay down a beacon, it would give you the chance to name it and change the color (and possibly the image) of the icon on the hologram. The name would show up only after you click the little icon on the hologram though. Certain options would come up as well, you could choose to disable the beacon on the real planet (not the hologram), set a a way point (in which something like zorbsie's compass would appear at your feet with the direction of the beacon as well as a marker on the real world kind of like what we have right now for beacons), or you can re-enable the beacon but not set a way point but instead just have the marker on the world again kind of like what we have right now for beacons. The beacons should be able to be seen through the terrain and clouds as well. That's what I would think of at least if it is meant to please people, unlike the current version of the beacons.