Trapped in my shelter

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version 1.0.9


I wanted to print something with my medium printer. My rover was in the way.

I jumped into the rover, pressed S to move it in reverse, and jumped out after doing so, before the rover was stopped.

The rover moved on just a little more, and my astroneer landed on/in the shelter.

My view of the world became enlarged and very limited.

I could see half my astroneer, from inside my astroneer, which was also inside and outside my shelter.

I tried to move, but all I got was a running animation in standing place.

I could jump upwards, and fall downwards, but not move in any direction at all.

I cannot enter my shelter, or the nearby rovers.

I even tried to dance, which was slightly amusing from the viewpoint of the hands at the waist level.

I took three screenshots to prove how bad it is.

I quit to main menu, and reloaded the game, but I am still stuck.


So I quit the game and came here :(

My single player save game is ruined, and my progress will be lost.




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I can dig, and I can raise the ground, but neither frees me.

I can emote, but I don't move from the spot, even in a dance.

I can run on the spot, forward or backward, and I can sidestep on the spot.

I can look around. I cannot interact with any rovers or buildings.

If I click, I seem to bring up my backpack, but all I can see of it is a huge black circle.

If I click again, it restores to my previously messed up state.

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Oh crap. It would be better not to leave the game because he always saves there. I'm surprised that you can not get into the rover. Normally, it works at a distance very early and if you zoom far out. Suffocation is of course not synonymous. The only thing I can think of is inviting a friend in multiplayer and bringing the rover closer, or putting a seat within reach or where it works. If that does not help maybe with the Terrain Tool try to glitch out of it. Maybe with a wall or ramp then press up. If you already have dynamite he can place one of them, that should be enough. The habitat nothing happens so no fear.

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cant zoom in or out. Cursor cannot interact with rovers or other objects. Digging and building under me didn't affect me.

But inviting a friend might be worth a try. Thanks. Maybe he can kill me with dynamite.

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