I know you devs are VERY busy, but...


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Xbox player here. Been playing for about a year and a half. Love the work you guys have done on this game with a limited crew.

I know you are bug chasing right now, but sometime soon, please consider:

Toggle for slide/surfing. My astroneers are dying. It's sad. Sometimes the bodies disappear into a dark cavern...

Mapping options for controller buttons and triggers. The controls are pretty counter-intuitive for Xbox players.

Less stickiness on the grab lines. I'm picking up a lot of stuff by accident.

I'm still playing this game at 15-20 FPS. My FASTEST running speed is slower than normal walking on a good PC.

I know you have a LOT on your plates right now, so thanks for all of your efforts. I hope I can keep on playing.

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I would also like to add a suggestion as well

It would be nice if SES could also make it so then if a machine and accompanying storage(s) are all full and you are storing materials on the machine but switch the input to something that does not require the material(s) you were storing, that instead of falling and clipping through the machine (and therefore making you move the machine to retrieve the materials), that the machines would instead have realistic physics and make the resources fall to the side of the machine/platform instead of straight through "into" the machine. Either that or at least have the materials find an empty slot on your back pack or base. Do you get what I mean?

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