Ze Great Gateway Unlocker

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For clearing out the Unlock the the Gateways achievement with minimum fuzz/packaging and time lost, leaving behind a landing Pad and Oxygenator on each gateway


Shuttle Pack Cheat Sheet (before leaving the home planet)
  - 5 platform A
  - 5 Oxygenators
  - Landing Pads: 10 ceramic, 5 aluminum
  - Rover: 2 Rubber, 2 Aluminim Alloy
  - RTG
  - Batteries (sum depends on planet)
  - Some packagers / Graphite

Gateway Unlock Cheat Sheet:
  - Unpack a small platform A
  - Put RTG on it, connect rover to it, and it to Gateway, unlock Gateway
  - Gaze gateway, go back to main base on this planet
  - Pick up: 1 packed oxygenator, 2 ceramic, 1 aluminium
    - If it's not the last gateway: Pick up 1 packed platform A (for the next gateway)
  - Go back to the recently unlocked gateway
  - Put RTG back in rover, put Medium Printer in platform A
  - Print and Install a Landing Pad
  - Disconnect Rover, put Printer back in Rover
  - Unpack Oxygenator in platform A
  - If it's the last gateway: go back to main base, fly Shuttule to this gateway, put Large Storages, Batteries, RTG and Drill in shuttle and go back home.


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If you dont mind spending (and finding) a lot of lithium - this is also a good setup.. as you can fit 32 amperes on a single large storage (in addition to one RTG to recharge). This setup is actually overkill as you only need 30 to unlock gates on Atrox. 26 on Glacio shown in the picture..  

Bring packed tractor, trailer and drill if you want to drill to core at the same time.



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Oh nice! I don't use small batteries that much, I thought they didn't pack enough juice to last the entire process.
That's a more elegant solution than time, since the Medium Rover is quicker/easier to drive - I'll use it on Atrox.

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Oh wait, that's not a medium rover. I think I might be able to make it work on one tho.

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Posted (edited)

Here's the Medium Rover version:

Pretty elegant being able to unlock all of Atrox on this Tiny thing.

Downside is that you need to bring one extra packager on each unlock, and package the Medium Printer up, assuming you want to print Landing Pads like I do. You also need two additional Small Generators in your backpack (only on Atrox).


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Nice setup! I will try it out - using the medium rover definitely opens up more storage on the large shuttle which might become useful!

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