Resources getting stuck in chemistry station (X box one,

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I first encountered this bug while making hydrazine in the chemistry station, I could not retrieve my hydrazine. The game only allowed to reload the chemistry station with new ingredients and run off another batch. When I did this, the chemistry station essentially got stuck and couldn't continue. I wound up building a second chemistry station, this one had the same problem with graphene as the first did with hydrazine. I've reloaded the game 3 times and downloaded one patch since the problem originated yesterday. The first chemistry station eventually cleared out and is empty as normal, the second one still has the graphene in it. 

I should add, when I cursor over the stuck resource, it gives the normal prompt to pick up the resource. However when I press the prompted button I wind up picking up the entire chemistry station and am unable to get the resource out. There also seems to be a weird partial resource stack, the first one was hydrazine and i actually was able to retrieve it, the second one is graphene and seems to want to float there in air and not allow me to interact with it (however the graphene chemistry station is still bugging out)


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Try putting the Chemistry Station on a larger platform with some storage space for the resources. I have not encountered the same problem as you, but have always had the station on a large platform with plenty of empty storage space.

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