Bytes and Research: Ideas for further use

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I am a relatively new player. I just joined Astroneer when it was already past 1.0 a few couple of weeks back. However, I love the game and put many hours into it already.

At this point, I unlocked all blueprints and I don't see how Bytes are useful anymore, or research in general, so I simply skip the research building in my base building process entirely.

I'd find it wonderful if you could collect all the research samples in a 'research index', a section per planet, which you could call up, or see in the menu, and complete them all. That would give completionists the opportunity to hunt down every sample on each planet, even way beyond the use of Bytes.

Furthermore, to make Bytes useful beyond unlocking blueprints, why not include a very expensive upgrade to the trade station, or a new 'digital trade station', that'll accept Bytes in return for resources. Some price balancing necessary, of course, to value each resource accordingly.

Or, to keep Bytes at research, maybe after continued research of n times of same sample types, it would unlock the ability to extract resources from organic, mineral and technology samples. We could then use Bytes to buy/improve extraction tools, making it more effective over time, hence resulting in more quantity of the extracted resource.

Just an idea that came to my mind while playing.


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I like your idea for completing all the research samples on each planet with a codex of unlocked items.  That would be fun.

Your second suggestion I elaborated on here:

Good ideas.



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