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V1.0.8/V1.0.9 - WIN10 - Saving stops after handful of times

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Oooohhhh boy is this a problem!

Currently on Vesania(?), unlocking all the Chambers, and since 1.0.8, the game only seems to want to save a handful of times per start up, then it says it is saving but doesn't actually do it (checking the Menu time stamp confirms this).

Checked again in 1.0.9, same deal. Annoyingly I lost 3 hours before I noticed the first time.

Don't get me wrong, I can keep checking the time stamp to make sure its been successful, but as i'm constantly jumping in and out of Large Rovers and Shuttles whilst traversing the planets to unlock chambers, I will forget. Also it means I can't host our multiplayer game either as (and we've tested this) it also stops saving, and I have to quit, meaning so does everyone else.


Good job i'd made all the stuff I need before this behaviour started!


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