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What am I supposed to do? I'm losing it. I'm a console player. I've been paying since alpha. Back before we could make tables and everything was connected in a web. 1.0.0 has totally and utterly destroyed the game. I'm trying so hard to love this game. I put so much time into it and it just keeps slapping me in the face. Crash after crash I just cant get to the core of the final planet on my list. Desolo. It's been days. I'm not exaggerating. I've been trying for days.

I keep hoping " maybe this update will fix it and make the game playable. No? Ok then the next one. I got multiple friends to buy and play the game with me cause they wanted the full games release before they sunk money into it. And they already have uninstalled cause literally it doesn't work.

It cant be played. It crashes when you're trying to save to avoid crashes. It couldn't be more frustrating. I have 6 of the 7 cores done after many many many wasted hours of crashing. On the plus side I've read the entire dragon ball z manga. And I'm at book 10 of dragon ball. And I only read during load screens from crashes. Guys I started a week and a half ago. That's how long these crashes take. Its 5 and a half minutes at the least between load screens after crashing. Please do something.

Maybe make it so I can dumb down game quality. Maybe make it so caves dont utterly trash my game. Tethers to. Maybe my rover doesnt crash the game. Maybe make it so I can save the game. Each update I see performance updates or reduce crashes and I get hyped. But alas. I cant move another level down the dirt or I'll, you guessed it. Crash. There has to be SOMETHING that can be done to improve stability.

I just want enough so I can finally see the ending cutscene. I've turned on almost every single gateway just because I cant open the core on desolo (cause as I said entering caves destroys my game. Always crashes in just a few seconds)

It's only gotten worse the further in the story I've gotten. I'm so close but infinitely far. Please help sorry for the essay I just wanna play your lovely game.

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Im in the same place as you man, I dont see a fast fix to our problem though, we got to just wait, it sucks because we already waited two years but we just wait some more, to me the worst part is seeing how cool and fun the game is on pc and how on Xbox my world that i was since launch is not completely unplayable, its a sad time Xbox players

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