Xbox 1.0.9 crashed four times in the last 15 minutes....

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Hello again! 1.0.9 is still unplayable in the late game..... I have crashed four times in the last 15 minutes when entering my vehicle on glacio...... WHY is this still an issue? You add the rtg to be able to be shredded but you don’t fix the crashing? Why would I want to shred an rtg, I would much rather be able to play the game..... 

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Because this is a 'true' in one property of the object code.

The crashes are still an inexplicably mystery to themselves , or not repairable mistakes in design and concept or they have simply no plan and it is almost lost.

I have not been able to play since 1.0.6 and meanwhile have started the third savegame ending with the same problem at similar size of progress.

At 10 min of play time - crash,

save - crash,

move and drive - slow motion

and frame rate - 10 to 15

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The Xbox version is a slideshow that crashes on save when I play. Even v1.0.9.0 crashes. They need to spend some of the money from the game "release" and hire some expert developers to fix this mess A.S.A.P.

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