Stuck into gateway chamber triangle

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I suppose it doesn't depend on a system so i wont describe pc. Let me just say all is smooth and good on my xiaomi note pro. 

Steam version.'

I was trying to activate gateway on Desolo when accidently left my rover on the center triangle of a chamber. When i powered the chamber the triangle moved up and pushed my rover so it flyes pretty high (and it was the biggest one). I thought i could make some fun with this effect which looked nice and trustworthy, so i stood up on a center and pulled the power line in

The platform arisen but it didn't pushed me, instead of it i just stuck there, i can't provide any screen since all i see now is a mess. Got no way back so i guess i have to start the game over (and i had all the researches and decent bases on all the planets +(

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I also have got caught with this issue.  I was going in blind though.  I came upon this in my tractor, so I hooked it up and the platform raised.  Thinking that I needed to stand on this platform, I hooked it up while I was standing on it, causing me to get stuck.  I now have no way out as I am surrounded on all sides by the purple of the platform and I cannot interact with anything.  I can place soil beneath me, but it just gets built up around me.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

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