Add water to Sylva

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Sylva is like a Earth. But actually it's not Earth. However Sylva is Earth type planet. So I have an idea. Can you add water in Sylva?

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2 hours ago, Stenny127 said:

Though that is a good idea, what purpose would it serve?

Maybe a steam gen as I saw in a different post.

would be fun to play with for sure. i'd build a dam 😃

Other than that, it could find a place in crafting. Gather some into a canister using the terrain tool. Dont know exactly what it would produce though. Maybe clay. Or electrolysis for hydrogen and oxygen for a future more advanced oxygen system. Or oxygen could be part of our rocket fuel. Or water could be used for plants in a greenhouse. (greenhouse idea from another user whose name i cant remember. Greenhouse: add power(light) or sunlight and organics. Outputs oxygen and excess organic. Maybe it could also require water)

Maybe you could water planted seed for faster growth and/or greater harvest.

Oh and gotta add.. once there is a dam, power production seems like the next logical step 😃


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They removed adding liquids from their Trello development page as a potential future update 😔

I agree that there should definitely be some liquids on some planets. 

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