Exploit for getting unlimited scrap from shredder


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I found this accidentally. I am not sure if this should be reported publically - the issue is present in the latest Astroneer version (Steam) on Windows 10.

Exploit for getting unlimited scrap from shredder

By doing certain steps you can get virtually unlimited scrap from the big shredder (did not text on the small one).

Steam /Windows 10

Version / Build Number: 


Don't matter


See attached screenshot - it took me less than 4 minutes of shredding to make that pile.


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It is a well known bug. But I think that the ressources balance is more than fair. I never need to do grinding or search long for any kind of ressources. Very early I have to much from all and I hate that I collect titanite, ammonium, hermatite and other things by building motorways for my rover. They always fill my storage on rover and backup and every time I must clean up.  Ok they’re are 3 kind of things from that you can‘t have enough , resin (only at beginning and when building new storage) , ammonium and graphite. But it’s so fast and easy to get that I preferred this way. The glitch takes time to and must wait for scrap is ready and then you must wait for the rocket and depend on what you get you must start and wait over and over. And I really hate this shredder sound. It hurts in my ears and is horrible. Realistic and authentic, but horrible :)


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On 2/27/2019 at 12:15 AM, ÐαηκɵƼʘ said:

This is‘nt a bug, it‘s a feature! 

Please don‘t fix it😎!!!!

DO fix it. Some people may think "bugs that makes you cheat" are worderful,but they SHOULD be removed

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I'm fairly certain this version of the scrap glitch has been fixed, 0001H.  There's a new one that requires a ton more effort that we may address in a future update.

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