Please read my push item transfer post first The pull item transfer has a different receiving station than the push item transfer. This forwards item requests issued in local storage (e.g. a printer needs material) onto all connected sending stations. The pull receiving station - is medium size (2 connected small slots) - needs late gameish materials (e.g. rubber, plastic, steel) - has one pipe connector like the basic station - works only, when the "push" mode of the sending station is not active ? maybe has one small item slot for manually requested items - would require a panel for requesting, but this feature is really optional   The pipe hub: Due to some limitations the I would enforce to reduce programming fuckups, there is the need for an additional building which allows pulling off multiple storage units. - the pipe hub is a medium base (1 resin, 2 rubber) with the usual power plugs - it contains one sending and 2 receiving pipe connectors - it allows to build tree like sending station topologies which are all connected to one receiving station   Uses: - production buildings could be connected to multiple storage spaces and transfer the items necessary for production just in time - reduces the amount of manual small item transfers necessary in late game   Implementation thoughts / open questions: - i think it is necessary to limit the range of the pull request to one network - otherwise there could be some self-requesting circular patterns. that's why: - the receiving station does not accept any item request by other push or pull networks! - the main question is: which buildings are allowed to pull items and when is the request being issued? * smelters should not be able to request * swapping recipies should not request the items as this might jam the storage capacity of the production building -> my implementation idea would be to treat items within request range like player inventory items - which are transfered as the production is starting (so their availability needs to be checked up front)