Automation Idea: "smart"/"filter" medium storage

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The main idea is to add an advanced version of the medium storage.


- the storage has a panel that allows to set an item filter to limit the resources it accepts (e.g. "resin", "soil canisters", "smeltable resources")

- if an item is pushed into storage (e.g. soil centrifuge finished producing) the corresponding filter storage has a higher priority of getting the item (but still lower than a printer)

- add the icon logo of the filtered resource to the storage

? I don't know if the player should be able to manually add other resources...


- some "advanced" resources instead of resin (e.g. plastic)

- or a global upgrade (see my research idea topic)



- force production facilities to store things in a sorted way

- more possible additional functions...


Additional function ideas:

- add a button to pull the filtered resources from local storage (like a printer) -> get all resin from mining trailer into sorted storage

- add a button to pull the filteres resources from player backpack -> put all manually harvested resin into sorted storage

- add a button to push all stored resources into local storage -> pull from one place, store at another place

- allow the filter to be set to production recipes (e.g. all resources to craft a research chamber) -> get all the resources needed for the new base one building after another (pull from large storage, push into shuttle)

- allow the "pull resource from storage"-button to make the chemical lab/soil centrifuge craft the missing requested resources -> more automation ;)

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Forcing production facilities to prefer storage over platform slots would be an improvement, adding a filtered storage block would be nice too. Personally I'd prefer to not have it as a global upgrade (saw the other topic) because it'd be nice to just have basic Medium Storages plus an Advanced version.

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On 2/23/2019 at 10:36 PM, Igoooor said:

advanced version of the medium storage.🤣

Very nice idea! 👍

Maybe storage silos mods (like terrain tools ones)?

  • mod for sorting
  • mod for packing silo with items (like shuttle) - good for performance
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