Will astroneer ever reach other solar systems?

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I suggested this long ago during one of the first builds of your pre-game. I suggested that using the telescope technology you already have built into the game you can search for habitable star systems or at least possible star systems and make this into an even more expansive game. I know that this will require a great deal of work and I know that this could require different forms of elements gases etcetera, but I really believe that's where your game could shine. This game is unbelievably amazing as it is and I give props all the original designers and new designers who come on since your company has grown, but I do believe that if you were to make this even a 30 solar system game, or have a way to make it more infinite than that, this could be considered one of the most complex and great games in the whole world. I will support you even if we stay in one solar system but I do believe that should be the work that you guys put into the next year's worth of updates. This could be as successful as Grand Theft Auto V that's lasted in the public arena for over six years. Hope this info is helpful. Thank you so much for all you've done. 

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