1.0.7. - Steam - Savegame corruption - Buttons disappearing from production machines

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Let me know how I can help with fixing this bug, I will gladly send in any data needed.

Hello fellow Astroneers,

it feels a bit sad that my first post on this forum is a bugreport, sorry.

So a frind and I started playing Astroneer three days ago in coop, I was the host of the session, it was still version 1.0.6. then - also the first game I started, no single player game before.

We have played that evening and didn't encountered any problems, next day the same...we played for around 6h without any trouble up to the point we both sometimes fell through the terrain we created ourself.

So we restarted the game and also got the 1.0.7. patch at that time. Donwloaded. Back to the game and started playing again without problems for around 3h but then, suddenly, the buttons on the machines controlpanel disappeared.

The little flap wich protects the button is still there but the button underneath is missing. We just stopped playing there and thought it was a bug introduced with 1.0.7. which will get a hotfix the next day - sadly that was not the case.

We then started a new coop game (friend from the first game was the host this time) with a 3rd friend and played for around 4h up to the point where I couldn't interact with anything (only my friend and I where still playing then). When that happened I was on ?SYLVIA? and my friend was on ?HERMITEPLANET?.

I quit the game, waited for my friend to return to ?SYLVIA?.

While I waited I created a new game for myself and build a small base with some machines.

Friend returned, saved, restarted the game and when we joined back in we both had the buttons disappeared from the control panels of the machines unable to start anything.

Building them anew also spawns them without a button.

I then quit his game and loaded up my own game which also didn't had any buttons albeit they where there when I played that game, same for my friend.

It's really frustrating and we both don't want to play the game at the moment since we don't know if this bug will get fixed soon or if we can even use our old savegames with lots of hours into them again.

Conclusion: when the bug happened in a coop game all other savegames also got the bug.

Note: I didn't deleted the savegame where the bug happened the first time.

Note 2: On the research station the starting button as well as the cancel button are there, no problem with that. Will start the savegame with our big base and test the different machines, soon.



Some screenshots of the bug:







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Just checked our savegame and the following machines didn't had any buttons to start any production:

  • Small Printer
  • Starting Medium Printer
  • Large Printer
  • Soil Centrifuge
  • Cehmistry Lab

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Hey there teaxer, 

I couldn't help noticing that in the two screenshots you show you don't have the resources to print the selected item.  Having the button blacked out in this situation is normal game behaviour.  

Does the button stay blacked out when either you or the machine have all the required ingredients?

I have attached 2 screenies from one of my games to show you what I mean.  The first is without resources, the second is with resources.  Once I have the resources, the button lights up. 


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