Solar Array

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8 hours ago, The Touch of Grey Gamer said:


Lackluster, not futuristic, not exciting, not colorful, not worthy of a full released game more of a pre-alpha piece of equipment, not powerful, not thrilling the first time I unpacked one

IMHO, there are a lot more NOTS than yes's 

Haven't even reaserched it. Went straight to RTG's baby. Have 4 now. No power problems ever!!!

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21 hours ago, Capt_Harpoon said:

What Gray, solar array give a power output of 8. The RTG only 4, so I like them

Ya 8 in Full sun only. 2 RTG, 2 medium batteries. Full power 24/7!!

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14 hours ago, Middelaged75 said:

Ya 8 in Full sun only. 2 RTG, 2 medium batteries. Full power 24/7!!

Why the batteries? Your power draw is unlikely to surpass the 8A output of your RTGs unless you are running several modules at once:

It's also worth noting that the medium batteries only have a throughput of 3A, compared to the 4A throughput (and generatation) of the RTG.

According to the wiki the shelter has a max throughput of 32A so I just have 8 RTGs powering my base, which of course is absolutely ridiculous. I don't think I could get to that level of power draw if I tried.

Anyway, back to the topic, yeah the solar array really needs to be kicked way down the tech chain and made available sooner, so there is actually a window in progression where it feels useful. It requires both the chemistry lab (gate=tungsten) and atmospheric condenser (gate=iron). It should require the chemistry lab but not atmospheric condenser IMO. The graphene requirement should be replaced with tungsten carbide or aluminum alloy.

The other option is to make it stronger somehow, but I don't see how that's possible with the existence of the RTG. You could make a single solar array generate 32A and I still wouldn't use it.

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