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I found several Orange-Green Cube Gems (orange and green Astro Gems) on Vesania. I have begun to develop my own names for them. Note that I did know that you have found these previously but thought that this thread might be a good place to share the pods that I find. Please notify me if you object.

Screenshot PreviewScreenshot Preview


Also on Vesania, I found a Vivid Orange-Lime Green Bulb Sac (Space Plug with a primary color of vivid orange and a secondary color of lime green).

Screenshot Preview

I think that it is slightly different than those that you have. It could also be the effect of differing lighting.


My friend (not me) found a Dark Green Bubble Sac (dark green Cotton Candy) under a Christmas Tree Gasser (I call the old ones Kettle Gassers but I digress.)

Screenshot PreviewScreenshot Preview


He also found this Pale Purple-Dark Blue Retra Crystal (Astro Starboard Side Gem with a primary color of pale purple and a secondary color of dark blue; Retra means absolutely nothing.).

Screenshot Preview

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