Astroneer Ressources Guide per Planet

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As a beginner I found it hard to figure out where to find some resources in Astroneer. So I spent my 6 days playing this sandbox game collecting infos and gathering them in an excel Spreadsheet. Credits to Gamepedia for a lot of what's in there.
I post thereafter a link to the Excel file I patiently build those last few days. This way you can edit it and add/remove whatever you want. You'll also find in the .7z attached a .psd with all the png+transparency icons I used.
In the excel file : columns with numbers correspond to my own stocks. Every time I leave a Planet, I take a minute to count my stocks and I write down how much I have of each resource. This way whenever I come back I know precisely what to bring in the shuttle. It also helps to see which places offer the most of each resource to gather. So get rid of those numbers and write your own. Ultra useful.
You can see a preview of this excel file at the web link below.
Took me some time to do that as I was playing. Hope you'll find it useful ;)
Astroneer Resources Guide Preview :
Astroneer Resources Guide (Excel Spreadheet) + icons
P.S : I'll very probably modify and improve a few things in the future. Those links will be updated when necessary.
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Well thanks Biostar. I've been updating it a bit yesterday. All resources will appear with arrows indicating when they're found on the surface or/and underground. But it'll take some time. I'll upload the updated version whenever it's done.

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Maybe help a bit

Calidor Malachite
Novus Hematite
Vesania Lithium mountain walls or underground
Glacio Titanite/Aluminum/Quartz Underground (Titanite drill mod 1)
Sylva Graphite/Copper/Amomium in the mountains
Glacio Hematite surface

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