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How does a tractor pull a large rover? Also, the tractor can pull up to 3 trailers but how can't connect 4 large rovers? The large rover should pull 3 other large rovers right(it only pulls 2)?AND it can connect to up to four. The tractor can only pull what it can connect to so why is the large rover different? Furthermore, why does the output of any machine go into the t3 sockets first, then the t2 and last(where it should actually go) the t1? That shouldn't be a thing. On top of that, If you have let's say a scrapper on the front of a train of 4 CONNECTED large rovers, scrap should flow to the fourth one right? well no.  Lastly, if you have lets say a smelter on one of the 2 large rovers you can currently pull, and you put a piece of malachite on the rover which doesn't have the smelter, the smelter won't take it! Why? 

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