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So since the release of 1.0 update, it was said that early access players would get the retro skin but I didn't receive it but didn't say anything as I knew something else would happen. That thing was a big issue with customization. On every planet I awoke, even though I got the achievement, I didn't get the outfit nor the color palette for the specific planet. I included some proof as well as my save file in hopes of understanding what went wrong. Thank you for your help.


P.S: If any translation is required please contact.


MY MAIN BOI$2019.02.22-22.52.46.savegame


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A similar thing happened to me. During the update I believe, when the outfits were not working, I unlocked Desolo and Vesania and was hoping they would be unlocked when it was patched. Sadly it did not. I tried going back to each core and re-unlocking it and nothing happened. 

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