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V 1.0.7 Gateway achievements & unlocks frozen in 1.0.6 not unlocked in 1.0.7

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Version 1.0.7, Windows 10 Steam, 8 gigs ram, I7 CPU, NVidia 980 graphics card. 

Planet Core Gateways that should have unlocked in 1.0.6 while the achievements were blocked are not unlocked with the new version - and of course the spacesuits and emotes are locked as well. It is now impossible to do it without a new save. since it appears it only unlocks when the event happens, and those events can't be repeated. This could cause a recurring problem, since any issue that causes the unlock trigger to fail but the event to happen would permanently block that save from unlocking the spacesuits and the achievement for that planet. 

The And Beyond event  was repeatable however, and that achievement and spacesuit unlocked when it was done again. 

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