DLC for Astroneer & new game ideas

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system era,

if you read this please consider these ideas for astroneer and other games

  1. space fighting with new space crafts for astroneer
  2. animal dlc with monsters and night and day cycles
  3. hard mode
  4. creative dlc with access o the engine to make custom worlds in the engine
  5. space fighting simulator
  6. satellite dlc
  7. the ability to cross over to other peoples worlds or solar system jumping
  8. ancient data dlc with more astroneer lore for example stone tablets containing ancient forgotten tech and stuff
  9. something explaining the aliens in the game
  10. ultra ultra mode for better graphics in astroneer xbox one x and future xbox and playstation consoles.


if anyone sees this and wants to do something with these ideas please tell me and keep me updated with the game at thismailisveryfake@gmail.com

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specifically weapons. Several threads have suggested some form of combat and all have been locked.

I do like your other ideas a lot though, especially the custom worlds thing and jumping to your friends solar systems 

+1 (but no weapons or combat) (I’m watching you)

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