Big purple requirements

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Apparently to activate the mega purple (the one in the center) you only need to activate one surface big purple 

I have mixed feelings on this and i wanted to see what other people think

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The whole concept seems a bit unpolished to me, like some quickly tacked on "end game" content. Although the funky gravity and the idea of a planet core is pretty cool, it just feels like it's not fully realised.

The teleportation method is a bit odd as well with you hovering to a point above the node and loading into the other area, gives the impression of a botch, as if there were a few more preferable methods but the devs couldn't get them to work so settled for hovering on an invisible stool. Would be infinitely better if there was an actual portal you could walk through.

As it is, powering 1 node to unlock the centre is much more preferable than say having to power all nodes. That would be a very boring grind, just to be rewarded with access to a series of awkward teleports.

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I've unlocked five of the seven and while the first couple were cool and all but now, the coolness factor has worn off and  I just want to build steep ramps and get to the remaining two cores as quickly as possible just to get it over with and get that damn suit!
 I like the concept and the idea of the gate stations and cores however to me they are too repetitive too ugly getting too boring and a triangle? A triangle? 
For example:
If I'm an alien. Humans traveling to the moon is a perfect example. Are humans going to build a gate station and a core on the moon with the ability to lock them. And have the keys to those locks be oh I don't know, moon rocks! How stupid are these aliens? 
Those white triangle things (that are found in ridiculous abundance), should have parts/keys/items/code/etc. that I need to gather/combine/bring to a different/new piece of equipment to make other things to be used to unlock them. 
I should not be able to see gate stations from orbit.
There should be only one gate station per planet
The placement of gate stations should be randomized so that no two games are ever the same

I don't use the teleportation method. Well, I used it two or three times but I don't like it. It does not even feel like astroneer when using it. I use the spaceship. It is much more 'astroneer realistic' to me than that alien transportation thingy. 

I have not completely unlocked the floating alien space station however thus far, I'm not impressed by it at all. No offense to those that worked on it but, no. I don't like this at all. It did not make me say 'wow' when I first saw it. I was quite meh tbh. Planets are beautiful, the plants, the research pods are cool, trees, soil etc. and by comparison, the three new additions fall far short to me. After seeing cores and gateways now for five of the seven planets I can honestly say, I'm bored with them. As for the alien space station, thus far rotation rings just don't impress me at all. Granted I have not unlocked all 7 and when I do that alien space station may just blow my mind, however thus far, no.

Each planet has a different feel. Each gateway and core are identical.

Gates and cores are boring IMHO. Gaudy and boring. I was all jazzed when I first saw them. Expectations ran really high! Could not wait for release! Take day off from work, play first day for more than 10 hours. After opening 2nd gateway and core, I'm seeing a pattern. After opening third and fourth, exactly the same as 1 and 2. I'm losing interest. Get to the 5th one today and when I get to the core and realize it is exactly the same as the other 4, I just want to rush through the remaining two to get that freaking suit and be done with it! 

I would much rather see a cool crashed alien spacecraft on each planet, different from each other, rather than gates. Used the same as gates but not purple triangles as that is just wack. 



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I think it is great for the first one or two, then it becomes tedious.   Honestly, I think they spent so much time improving the mechanics that directed play was an afterthought.  Perhaps now that the bugs are (mostly) worked out, they will be able to put more thought into the story aspects of the game.

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