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It would be (another) endgame item, it's the combination of a RTG and an oxygenator, with the use of another nanocarbon alloy to combinate them.
The use of this it's reduce the space used for those.

In case of a portable RTG you could do it also with those.

Byte cost: 10000 for normal and 15000-20000 for portable.

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A common suggestion in pretty much any survival game with a varied toolset is "give me more inventory space!" However, that's not the way to solve your problem, I would submit. The solution to your inventory space problem is to get better at prioritizing what you need to bring with you to tackle any given situation. This is a hugely valuable skill to pick up in a game like The Long Dark, for example, or Subnautica. Anticipate what the situation you're entering is going to require, and only bring that equipment. Make an equipment stash back at your base, and leave everything unnecessary behind.

Another solution to the limited backpack space "problem" is to rig your explorartion rover with one or two medium storage loaded with spare equipment. I used to only carry one with me, but that's somewhat ballooned into two. Which is fine, because there's plenty of space for your spare tools.

Think of it like carrying things like a shovel, spare blanket, jumper cables, etc. in the trunk of your car. You wouldn't carry them on your person at all times, but the trunk is the perfect place for them for when you're in a situation where they're needed.

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