Medium Generator Versatility

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Apparently continuing with my theme for tonight of making threads about Medium everything, let's talk about the medium generator!

Yes, strictly speaking it's more efficient than the small generator. However, it is not as versatile by far. Small generator advantages: compact, fuel readily available on all planets. Medium generator advantages: uhhhhh, it's slightly more efficient when you can get the fuel for it? Looking at the small generator's advantages, those can also be seen as the medium generator's disadvantages. It's bulky and the fuel isn't easily obtainable when you need it. When do you need it? When there are no other sources of power - when you're far from a base with its arrays of renewable energy generators. I.e. when you're far from the smelter required to make the carbon to fuel it. Currently, the small generator is the better option in every conceivable situation.

So what can we do about this?

One way could be to improve its efficiency, make the carbon fuel last longer. Additionally to this, you could have the medium generator also accept organic nuggets as fuel. Even if it can accept organic fuel, why would you ever use a medium generator over a small one? Well, it goes back to efficiency. We might say the organic nugget in the medium generator produces twice as much power as the organic nugget in the small generator. And if fueled with processed carbon, four times as much power. As a player, I would strongly consider using this more versatile incarnation of the medium generator on rovers and bases, whereas the currently implemented med. gen. is more of a dubiously useful piece of visual flair. Essentially, you need to make the medium generator attractive enough to use over a small one. I.e. the versatility and efficiency have to be enough to outweigh its disadvantages in the size/bulkiness area. Currently, this is not the case, and it is not worth using.

The greatest advantage of technology used by pioneers must be that it's versatile and robust. Well, robustness doesn't really enter into the calculation, at least not yet, not until such time as equipment can get banged up or destroyed. But versatility very much does. An item that is less efficient but more versatile will win out over an item that is highly specialized even if it is slightly more efficient under ideal circumstances. And I would strongly argue that the gameplay of Astroneer is very much about pioneering, and the merits of any given equipment are therefore going to reflect the priorities and values of pioneering individuals. In other words, the medium generators goes in the shredder, and it's the small generator that gets crafted and used on rovers and tractors and everywhere else.

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4 hours ago, said:

Allowing it to only burn fuel when it has a power network that needs power would be a handy upgrade. And make it more worthwhile.

Oh yeah, that too. Though it's nice that you can turn it on and off now.

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Great ideas all of them.

Adding some numbers for reference Both of them got the same runtime on 1 resource of about 1min 40sec:

Small generator: Provides 1 power. 1 organic fill about 3 small batteries

Medium generator: Provides 3 power. 1 carbon fills about 8,5 small batteries After subtracting melting cost.

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