The Planets and Their Name Origins

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So a few days ago, I was over at my friend's house for his birthday celebration (his b-day was a day before release), and I was showing him Astroneer (as I had no-one to play with). So I was telling him about the planets, and he points out that all these planets were derived from Latin words, which closely match the previous names for the planets. That's what I call an attention to detail!

  • Sylva
    • Previously 'Terran'.
    • Derived from 'Silva", meaning 'Forest'.
  • Calidor
    • Previously 'Arid'.
    • Derived from "Calidi", meaning 'Hot'
  • Atrox
    • Previously 'Radiated'.
    • Derived from 'Atrox', meaning anything along the lines of 'terrible, no good, very bad'.
  • Glacio
    • Previously 'Tundra'.
    • Derived from 'Glacies', meaning 'Ice'.
  • Novus
    • The completely new world.
    • Derived from 'Novus', meaning 'New'.
    • The word 'nova' is also derived from 'Novus'
  • Desolo
    • Previously 'Barren'.
    • Not sure of its origin, but pretty obvious derivative (desolate)
  • Vesania
    • Previously 'Exotic'.
    • No idea where the name came from

He ended up buying the game. (Do I get a refer-a-friend bonus or something XD)

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44 minutes ago, rileya_c said:

Honestly, I wish the planets names were kept the same. Why add all the confusion

Probably to give them actual names that aren't just adjectives. I still call them by their previous name though.

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