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Please bring vehicle beacons back. It's baffling why these were removed, but they make it significantly easier to find your rover again if you happen to get separated from it. Possibly due to bugs, as happened to me a few times. Die in the middle of nowhere, spawn back at base. Well crap, where's my rover? Too bad it doesn't have a built in beacon like it used to. Well, maybe it should. That was a good idea I wish you hadn't discarded for some reason.

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I miss them too. Why remove them?

Another of those strange decisions you just can't understand the logic behind it. (I know, I can craft a beacon and put it next to my vehicle when I venture out. It's not "interesting gameplay", it's a useless hassle.)

And still on vehicles, why no compass when driving? Is getting out of a vehicle to determine if we are still going in the right direction "fun" and "interesting gameplay"?

[end rant]

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