Large generator and turbine

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Since there is usually a small, medium and large of most things in the game, i thought it would make sense for there to be a large generator and turbine.

The large turbine would look like a real turbine and cannot be moved after it has been place and be roughly the same height of a large shuttle. Here is what I meant by a real turbine:

 Image result for spiral wind turbine

The large generator will output 8-10 volts and will very slowly run of hydrazine, and could be given the name hydrazine generator. It will also have to be placed on a T3 slot and could have the appearance of the old medium gen but of course on a larger scale. Here is a pic of old med gen:



Large turbine - aluminium alloy x1 glass x2 ceramic x2

Large/hydrazine generator - Tungsten carbide x1 aluminum alloy x1 ceramic x1

I'd appreciate any other ideas and criticism.  

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